above: Gelbvieh x Murray Grey cow
Commercial Cattle

What Makes Your Enterprise Make More $$$?
Using Gelbvieh on your British Bred Females !
Breed your own replacement heifers,which will increase your herds milk and increase your baby beef weights,increase your herds fertility and benefit from Hybred Vigour which is the crossing of two purebreds,which gives increased growth for free. You also have more even fat cover in both steers and heifers for the feed lot . Gelbvieh crosses well with most breeds and retains your herd colour be it red black or grey as photos show 

 Left:A Gelbvieh x Red Angus on her second calf
Below: The Three steers entered in the National Carcase Competion held at Beef 09 at Rockhampton
Entered by:Glendale Cattle Enterprises

The Champion Carcase at beef 09
 Pure bred Gelbvieh steer at 7.5 months old First place out of 151 entries (pens of 3) won the champion carcase also member of first place in grass fed 180Kg to 260 Kg dressed and Grand Champion pen of three over all classes

3/4 bred Gelbvieh cross steer at 7 months old
member of pen of three

1/2 Bred Gelbvieh cross steer at 8 months old 
member of pen of three